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Until October 31, 2016

The 2017 Agri-news catalogue

we had been gathering orders from companies interested in their place in this special offer catalogue addressed to 4,000 leading grains producers all over Poland. The catalogue will be sent to our customers in mid January. The next stage will be the implementation of the telephone communication project during which we will draw the farmers’ attention to Your offer and give farmers the information we previously agreed on with You.

The second half of October, 2016

We are making the research in the field of the development directions in the largest holdings

We are creating the base of holdings whose owners are planning the expansion or modernization of livestock buildings. In the base there are contact data of the farmers who intend to invest in the construction of the following:
- barns
- pigsties
- stores, silos
- residential buildings

The first half of October, 2016

We are getting familiar with investment plans of the largest hodlings

and creating the database of holdings whose owners intend to purchase:
- tractors
- sprinklers
- loaders
- transporters for animal feeding

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