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The ADVANTAGES for FIRMS operating in the AGRO market

By means of well-prepared communication with the receivers of Your products and services we create the base of knowledge on the current situation of the owners of holdings, the position of a particular firm against competitive firms and finally, the customers’ expectations from a given firm.

When we implement the projects in direct marketing commissioned to us, we:

  • draw Your offer receivers to Your strengths

    a/ relevant information reaches the strictly profiled group of receivers
    b/ the right person will see or hear about a new product, promotion and new solutions in a short time

  • we will pass You the knowledge on the following issues:

    a/ level of interest in the offer
    b/ fears which revolve around the usage of given solutions
    c/ information that arouses the highest interest

  • representatives of Your companies will get to the people interested in Your offer

The ADVANTAGES for the holdings owners and managers.

By means of the information we get from the owners of holdings we are able to give You the information precisely connected with Your type of farming business. Thanks to such actions, You will primarily take advantage of the following:

  • knowledge on what kind of technological solutions, machinery and means of production related to Your farming business appear in the market
  • thanks to all the aboce mentioned actions, we allow You to save Your time and money
    a/ The information which reach You relates only to the farming business You run
    when it comes to saving money, it is the knowledge on modern solutions and special price offers, which guarantees that You will save your money.

All that mentioned above is possible with Your personal data protection. It is so because we protect and store all the information we got from You, using any available security safeguards.

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